Monday, January 2, 2012

2012... The Year of Change

No, I'm not talking about nickels and dimes change, I'm talking about change ranging from physically, mentally, monetarily, and artistically. There are many things I'm going to be doing different. Yeas past I would do things for a while, and not complete them. If I didn't do them, I always came up with an excuse, either as to why not to do something, or why it was too hard. NO MORE. I also used to pile on more than I could chew. Take on things when I couldn't do them all even though I thought I could. Back in 2010, I focused solely on White Ninja Guy, and I ended up going to my first comic con the following year because of it. 

So this year those of you that follow me faithfully will see this new change. Here are a few of those,

1. Gonna lose weight (if you guys met me you will know why)
2. Better husband and father (continuous thing right there)
3. Focus on one comic project and put my all into it (The Seven)
4. Build and rebuild friendships
5. Create and build connections and resources with my community and fans.
6. Get a lockdown on my spirituality. (Personal thing, dont' worry I wont bible thump u guys to death)
7. Earn cash to get Obsidian Studios off the ground (Commissions, eBay, and Art Site)

The biggest thing I want to do artistically from this list is communicate and build my fanbase more. I know that I have disconnected a bit. I need to know what that means to you guys though. I'm gonna put up a poll where instead of picking an answer, I really want you guys to communicate to me how you want your favorite artists to communicate with you. That is either me, or your other favorite artist. I just want to know and hear it so that I can apply that and be there even more for you guys as an artist. 

Daily sketch a day...

On my blog, I'm going to be putting up daily sketches. At the end of the year, I will be compiling these sketches together to create a new artbook with a few extra goodies! Check out my daily sketches at my artblog.

The Seven Indie Go-Go

There is currently a crowdfunding campaign I am running to try and get The Seven up off the ground. The full campaign will be done on kickstarter at the end of the month. I am going to be offering some amazing rewards, with reasonable donation ranges. Right now, I'm trying to get my hands on as much cash as I possibly can, so if you can donate, I would really appreciate it.

The Seven Indie Go-Go Campaign ---------------> 

I have more to talk about, but I will go about it later guys. In the meantime, please follow me here on Blogger, DA, and also on Twitter as @iandwalker81
I will talk with you guys soon, and much success to all of you, Fans and Creators alike!

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