Monday, January 30, 2012

eBay Art Auctions for the week of 1/29

This week I've got tons of artwork to sell because I need to earn some cash for personal reasons, and also get my studio off the ground. I hope these auctions appeal to different fans out there, because a few of these I have never drawn before to the best of my knowledge.
Big Barda from DC Comics, one of Darkseid's former furies, She-Hulk, Black Widow (who is ALWAYS fun to draw), Psylocke, Black Canary (had the auction up before and sold for $60, but the buyer didn't pay.), and Selene the Deathdealer from the Underworld movie series.

I also raised some prices of my artwork as I found that I was losing money, due to shipping costs. I have been mailing EVERYTHING Priority Mail, and have been dropping $5 a pop US, and $16 a pop international, just on shipping alone. That means with my old pricing, I was only making $5 a drawing for US and $0 for international. NO BUENO!!! So I have raised the prices, to a flat starting bid of $25 w/ FREE SHIPPING, and unfortunately for those outside the US, they pay shipping of $10. Again, this will be priority shipping w/ a tracking number which will be emailed when shipped.

View all of the auctions here on my eBay page! Good luck and Happy Bidding!
eBay Auctions for week of 1/29

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