Saturday, January 7, 2012

Power Girl Colors

I have been on a mission this year to up my digital coloring game. I think i have been doing alright thus far. I did a piece just last week 100% digitally, and now I decided to do some colors over some work of one of my favorite comic artists, Marcio Takara. He did the lines on this Power Girl, and I just had to do it. I tried some new tricks, and attempted to figure out a new and quick way to color my digital images. I am getting the hang of it, but I know that it will take some time. Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

Also in the next month or so, I will be doing commissions, and having special prices for this year, as well as doing digital commissions. This is something I have never done before. So keep on the lookout! Enjoy guys!

Talk to you later..