Saturday, September 6, 2008

White Ninja Guy

This is a formal announcement to those that I have finally put up the first page of my webcomic, White Ninja Guy. It can be found on

I hope you all take a visit, and enjoy the comic. Feel free to leave some comments if you would like, or even some ideas.

Be Back Later...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Testing... 1-2-3... Testing...

So... I found out how much of a dork face I am. Well at least to a certain extent. I had made a sample copy of my new sketchbook coming out at the end of September. It's funny how you miss certain things during the preparation of something you are so excited about. There are a few things in the book that need to be redone. I put a 'villain' in the book, I accidentally made the cover image too big, and there are some image problems. These are small fixes, but once changed and redone, I can say that I will be able to bring out the book in full swing. With any luck, I can start pre-orders for the sketchbook in the middle of the month.

Other than those small things, the book is great! Everything looks good, and now I know what the rest of you all will be getting soon. Once this sketchbook is completed, I will begin work on the White Ninja Guy web comic, and the Studio W website. That will then be one thing off of the check list!

Be back later...

Monday, September 1, 2008

September, September, So much to do in September!!!

This is the first day of September, and quite frankly, I'm stoked. I'm going to be going full board with my new projects. I will be working on White Ninja Guy, and getting this webpage up and going. Along with that, I am going to be finishing up the final touches on my sketchbook, and making a sample copy that I hope will work out great. If not, I still have a month to work all the bugs and fixes out of it, and make it look swanky for all of you guys.

On my Deviant Art site, I am running a contest. It's a drawing that I am doing that will allow the winner to get a feature on my site, as well as free commission from myself. I will pick out the name at the last day of the month. I might throw in a free sketchbook too as a prize. I think I might do that. Anyway, I got tons of work to do, and so little time!

Be back later...