Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Life Changes

So right now where I am, it's 11:03 pm. I don't personally celebrate New Years, but I definitely appreciate the symbolism of new beginnings. That's something that I think everyone needs after a long period of reflection on past activities, decisions, both good and bad, and experiences. I'm reflecting on these things, and I have learned a lot. I can say that 2012 sucked really bad for me. A lot of personal things happened to my son and I, as well as a lot of set backs with my art and the goals I wanted to meet. But the difference now, is that now since it is just my son and I, I can examine these things and make appropriate changes. I can do the things that I have never done before. And unlike before, I'm not going to allow situations, or certain people, or life circumstances to hold me back from accomplishing my goals. So with that being said...

New Life Goals...

1. Lose Weight... (Goal weight of 190-200)
2. Pursue my art career VERY aggressively.
3. Reconnect with my art fans, and let you guys get to know me through my blog and artwork.
4. Learn 2 new languages; Spanish & American Sign Language.
5. Finish, and put out TWO of my indy titles this year. The first being The Swaggernauts.
6. Start and Finish Project 365.
7. Travel and make new and interesting friends.
8. Auxilary Pioneering for 3 months during the year (only certain people will know what this is)
9. Improve my artwork and become a better learner.
10. Become a student of the Bible again... (don't worry, I won't smash it in your face, or slam you all with religion all the time. :P)

If you notice, these are NOT resolutions. Those are meant to be broken. It's time to break the cycle of redundancy and mediocre and make real lifestyle changes. And that's what I'm going to do. I am looking forward to the rest of my life with my son and I. And it would be nice to add a new person to that, but now we are content with what we have and the opportunity to have a clean slate.

Now, you guys probably saw something about Project 365. Well, I will do a new blog on that tomorrow about that, and what that will entail. You will like it I am sure, and it's a great way to follow my work and journey of artistic improvement and discovery. Anyway, it's 11:15 pm now, and I'm gonna stop. Talk to you guys soon.

See You Next Year!!!
Ian D. Walker

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Swaggernauts Talent Search

So here is the deal... You all may, or may not know about the comic book project I am working on in Obsidian Studios called The Swaggernauts. If you do, awesome! If not, check out the Kickstarter on it, and help get this thing moving!

Swaggernauts Kickstarter Campaign

I am currently both the writer and artist on The Swaggernauts. I know how to color, but I simply just do not have the time to do that as well and get my project done on a timely basis. The Swaggernauts is going to be a web comic put out through my studio, Obsidian Studios. It is going to be a full 22 page comic book that will be posted up weekly online as a web comic.

To do this, I am looking and scouting for new talent. Talent that is brand new and wants to get their feet wet in the world of comics, as well as earn a bit of cash either bi-weekly, or monthly on the side. That's right... YOU GET PAID!!! What I'm looking for, is for someone to color up an image for me. The image that is chosen will receive $20 CASH, as well as your colors on a print that will printed for all to see. That is the immediate reward.

The second reward, is that you have an opportunity to get your very first PAID comic book gig, and at the end of the day you can call yourself a professional comic book colorist, and put that on your resume for the future! The work will be WORK FOR HIRE, and a contract will be involved for the colorist that is chosen. Page rate is likely to be $30 a page. You can be paid either weekly or monthly by check or by PayPal. You will need to be willing to put aside 2 1/2 months for this project if you are chosen.

This is a paying gig if you are chosen, but know that you will not be getting super rich either. It is steady freelance work for a time, your work will be seen weekly by comic lovers and readers, and it stands to chance that this could go to print as well. So this is a great beginners opportunity!

Here is the drawing that will need to be colored...

No, the job will not be of sketched artwork, but I want to see what you can do. The contest entry deadline is Dec 24th Christmas Eve. I am looking forward to seeing all the possible entries! Spread the word everyone!
Send your emails to: Subj: Talent Search

Ian Walker

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Swaggernauts Kickstarter Campaign

Hey everyone! It's Ian Walker, here again with a great new Kickstarter campaign. As you all know, I am currently working on a few comic book projects. But the main one I am focusing on is called the Swaggernauts. I have been very tight lipped about it, but now is the time to let you all know what it is about! I put up a Kickstarter campaign to do a special 6 art prints to do for the new 2013 con season with the express purpose of getting the word out about this the Swaggernauts. I am hoping to get some kind of traction on this and reach the goals that I am looking for so that I can get this book seen by the masses next year. 2013 promises to be a good year for me, and what better way to kick this puppy off than to launch a promotional campaign about a book that I am really passionate about.

I understand that not many of you will be able to donate. All I am asking of each of you, is to simply get folks to take a look at the page, and spread the word about it. The more people know and are familiar with the Swaggernauts and anticipate it, the better this will be. I thank you all so much for taking the time to read this journal, and I hope to hear from you all soon!

The Swaggernauts Print Kickstarter Campaign