Sunday, August 31, 2008

Month in Review

So I put up the last pic of the month that I have done here. It is of Bane, one of the Bat-Villians. I had a lot of fun drawing and doing so many different things this month. I am almost a few pages done with putting together the sketchbook, and I can't wait to see how those will turn out.

I had a good time this month. It's only unfortunate that so many celebrities died this month, but other than that, it seems good. I am learning more everyday, and striving to perfect mine, and other art styles. I hope to learn much in the coming months. I have a lot to look forward to I think.

September is going to bring a lot of good things I think. Things in my personal life seem to be taking a turn for the better, and along with that, a lot of my favorite TV shows are coming back on. Can we say 'HEROES'? I can! Also as far as my art goes, my sketchbook will be getting released, and hopefully, I will have a functioning website to put up my new webcomics. I have a lot of work to do, but I look forward to it. I know I am up to the task, and will get a lot done.

Be back next month...

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Have you ever sat up, knowing that you needed to do certain things, or get some things done, but for some reason, just not do them because mentally you don't feel like it, or your mind and body don't let you? Well that is where I am now. Though I admit, writing this blog is helping me out by expelling the feelings, and in fact will probably drive me to do 2-4 pages of my sketchbook prep.

I hate that 'Block'. That is what I call it. I still have a lot of work to do, and I haven't drawn anything in days. I think I will get to sketching, and character designing before I hit the sack tonight. I just browsed the internet looking up things and info on book writing and publishing. It's scary man! I'm in the middle of writing two books, and I am doing them at my own pace. I'm at a point I think, where if I do not ever get published, I don't really care. Everything I do now for fun is just that; a passion, and for fun, and not profit. I am doing this art deal because I love it. But if for some reason I never see an idea on the shelf, or legions of fans fawning over me at a convention, it wont matter to me. It's all temporary anyway. So I'm just enjoying it right now, and loving it. There is nothing worse than hating the passion you have for something all because you do it to survive...

Be back later...

Friday, August 29, 2008


So I have finally made the cover for my new sketchbook that I'm putting together right now. I made 2 concepts, and I am happy with the final one that I chose. I downloaded a 30 day trial of Photoshop CS3, so that means, i'm gonna take 30 days that I have and put together my White Ninja Guy webcomics, and try to finish up this sketchbook so that I can have it out by the end of the month. I also am gonna try to go ahead and color some pics that I have piled up that I want to get done too. So anyways, I wanted to get a blog done before the end of the month, and so here it is. Here is the image of the final choice for my new sketchbook.

I am thinking that this looks more sleek and professional. This is going to be the first of a few sketchbooks that I am going to be putting together. I hope that they sell. I am going to be making a total of 30 books, and I will be doing it print on demand. I don't want to have sketchbooks sitting up in my house collecting dust you know? Anyways, thanks for taking a look.

Be back later...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Siackness Part I

This is just a quick do up of my version of the Punisher. I did a pencil sketch, and then went over it with gray markers. I am studying a lot of the techniques of Steven Sanchez and his marker art, and this was my first wack at it...

Personally, I'm proud of it...

Be back later...

Friday, August 22, 2008


I hate cleaning with a passion. I don't know if my wife will resent me not helping her clean up our room. I really hope not though. You know the ironic part? I just started my own janitorial business. Now tell me that's not twisted! Anyway, that's not what I came here to talk to you guys about. I came here to talk about my art... The Art of Ian D.Walker.

I have been drawing for a few days now, and sketching my arse off just about. I just went to Target today, and picked up a copy of the new Batman: Gotham Knight DVD. I know, I know... I am late. I'm sorry, bad me! But you know what, it has put a new spark of inspiration into this heart here. I am still doing work on my webcomic that I am working on, and also trying to figure out STILL how to get a computer so that I can get to work on these, and get my sketchbook together. I have come up with some great characters for the Jaxxa book that is going to add some depth to the book, and the inspiration from the Batman movie has got some ideas flowing in my head for other characters as well.

So while all of that is going on, I think soon, I am going to start doing some art for myself, and selling the original art on eBay, so that I can start earning some cash for it toward a new computer so that we can get this beast going full steam ahead. So all of you that visit my Deviant site, to those that come and see my blog, I hope that you will all be able to help me out and support me. This road is gonna be awesome and bumpy. So far, the road is simply curvy.

Be back later...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Concepts

I have been sketching for 2 days straight, and I am starting to come along with ideas for my webcomic. The only obsticle that is still in the way, is the computer issue. Hopefully I will have money for that soon. In order to get my sketchbook done, I'm gonna need a computer with Photoshop on it. I need to find one, and soon.

I came up with another concept for a sketch for my Jaxxa comic. His name is Jason Ghost. He is an elite within the Epsilon Alpha Sector. He is a fully devoted, controlled and dangerous hitman/assassin. Anyways, I got a block right now as to what the cover of my new sketchbook should be. I'm gonna be thinking about that a bit more.

Be back later...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jaxxa & White Ninja Guy

So, I have been in a predicament for a very long time. That being that I do not have a computer that I can do my artwork on. I can write my blog, and scan in photos, but as far as doing my webcomic of White Ninja Guy, or my coloring stuff, that's a no-no. I got sooo much lineart to color right now, and I can't wait until I get some cash to buy the things I need to get my computer. I'm trying to do some commissions, but that isn't quite working out either. But I didn't come here to sulk, and make you guys feel sorry for me. I don't roll like that.

What I came here for was to let you guys know about my new webcomics that I am putting together. The first being White Ninja Guy.

He is the best ninja ever... Period... No questions asked. It's not in his head, he doesn't have an overinflated complex of superiority, he truly IS the best ninja EVER. You will find that he is quite an interesting character, and because of his ability, he thinks a lot of himself, and rightly so. I have two of the comics done so far, and what makes me mad, is that as soon as I was working on the third one, my computer clocked out on me. But as soon as that is up and operational again, I will be getting to work on that comic again.

The other comic project that I will be working on that is also going to be a webcomic is called Jaxxa - The Worlds Most Dangerous Hitmistress. I don't want to go too much into detail about this chick. The only thing is that she is sexy, exotic, and dangerous. Nuff said. Below is the concept art I worked on for the character. More will be made later as I am fleshing out the character and the story.

So in the middle of doing all of this, I am still trying to improve on my art, which has been getting noticably better over the past few weeks, and it is starting to be something that I am proud of, and want to show off to people. So I hope that you guys are enjoying the art here so far. I am getting really excited about some possible projects that I will be doing in the future as well. Once all that is straightened out, I will let the people know.

Be back Later,
Darkmyster aka Ian W.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My New Sketchbook

So I have finally finished up what I think will be the pieces that I will be putting into my new sketchbook come September of 08. The book is going to be full of my final sketches of characters from various comic book universes, and a few of my original characters. I am hoping that people buy it. It's only going to be $5, plus $2 shipping. So I think that's a decent price. It's 5.5x8.5, so it's not too big. I am trying to debate if I want to do a series of sketchbooks. Right now, the title I am going for is Black & White: Heroes a Darkmyster sketchbook.

I don't know if I want to use my real name, or my artist name of Darkmyster. I think I'm gonna use my real name since all my pieces are signed I.D.W. which are initials of my real name. Black & White: Heroes. An Ian D.Walker Sketchbook. I think I like that better.

I am going to work on the cover soon, and once that is done, I will need to get some cash, and get to printing. I was going to make 50 copies of this book, but I think that I am going to reduce the number of these books to 30 instead. 50 is a bit too ambitious for me, being a rookie artist trying to hit it out there in the mainstream. I'm gonna sell 10 on eBay, and then sell the other 20 over both my blog here and Deviant Art. When the cover is made, I am going to let the world see it. But to see what is in store, here is an image of the two page spread of Fathom that will be in the center pages of my new sketchbook.

Be Back Later!