Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trying to do some marker studies with my #copics for a bit. I feel like some days i got it on point and then other days i lose it completely. I dont know. Do u guys as artists ever go through that? I feel like at times I need formal training. #marker #sketch #practice #igdaily #instadaily #instagood #instapic #instaphoto #process #artist #idwalkerart

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Free Comic Book Day... DONE!

So yesterday was an incredible day in Santa Rosa at my local comic book shop Comics FTW. Its a store run by my good long time friend Kris B. I set up a table there with a couple of other amazing artists and we had an incredibly successful day.
Adding to it was the coolest cosplay of my good friend Julie Hartley who came as the stunning Poison Ivy. She really knocked it out of the park with that costume.
On top of that I met some really cool new friends and hung out with old ones as well. During my new career path I am making it a goal to get to know people and build connections and networking. The amazingly talented Jessica Lynn was one of these awesone new friends that I connected with and I can see her and I hooking up to do shows together in the future.
I personally had a successful day and made a good chunk of change, all of which will be going to my projects and to do other comic shows. So next on the list is the Santa Rosa Toy Con, which I will be returning from Monterey to attend as a guest artist. By then I will have a ton of new art and again looking to build more contacts.  So for now thats it. Until next time everyone!

Ian W.