Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Question: Renee Montoya

Just felt inspired to do this today. I had never drawn The Question before today, and I wanted to do something so that I could practice on my digital skills in regard to inking and drawing and so forth. This is the product of that practice. This took about say, 2 hours to do, all 100% Photoshop.

This is something that I think would look good as a shirt or something like that. But for right now, it's gonna be a print. I'm going to slap some colors on this soon, but not right now. I will have it done in time for the Con season though. I'm gonna do both a Black and White, and Color Print for these. I'm hoping that with the low price I'm putting on these bad boys that they will go fast.

I'm allowing folks to color the picture here, so if you are an aspiring colorist looking to get some practice, then don't hesitate to drop me an email and a request. I do take commissions by the way. Be sure to visit IDArtSales when you get the time to get some cool traditional artwork! Well I'm off to bed folks. See you all later!

Original art for sale - http://idwalkerartsales.blogspot.com
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