Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jaxxa & White Ninja Guy

So, I have been in a predicament for a very long time. That being that I do not have a computer that I can do my artwork on. I can write my blog, and scan in photos, but as far as doing my webcomic of White Ninja Guy, or my coloring stuff, that's a no-no. I got sooo much lineart to color right now, and I can't wait until I get some cash to buy the things I need to get my computer. I'm trying to do some commissions, but that isn't quite working out either. But I didn't come here to sulk, and make you guys feel sorry for me. I don't roll like that.

What I came here for was to let you guys know about my new webcomics that I am putting together. The first being White Ninja Guy.

He is the best ninja ever... Period... No questions asked. It's not in his head, he doesn't have an overinflated complex of superiority, he truly IS the best ninja EVER. You will find that he is quite an interesting character, and because of his ability, he thinks a lot of himself, and rightly so. I have two of the comics done so far, and what makes me mad, is that as soon as I was working on the third one, my computer clocked out on me. But as soon as that is up and operational again, I will be getting to work on that comic again.

The other comic project that I will be working on that is also going to be a webcomic is called Jaxxa - The Worlds Most Dangerous Hitmistress. I don't want to go too much into detail about this chick. The only thing is that she is sexy, exotic, and dangerous. Nuff said. Below is the concept art I worked on for the character. More will be made later as I am fleshing out the character and the story.

So in the middle of doing all of this, I am still trying to improve on my art, which has been getting noticably better over the past few weeks, and it is starting to be something that I am proud of, and want to show off to people. So I hope that you guys are enjoying the art here so far. I am getting really excited about some possible projects that I will be doing in the future as well. Once all that is straightened out, I will let the people know.

Be back Later,
Darkmyster aka Ian W.

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