Friday, August 22, 2008


I hate cleaning with a passion. I don't know if my wife will resent me not helping her clean up our room. I really hope not though. You know the ironic part? I just started my own janitorial business. Now tell me that's not twisted! Anyway, that's not what I came here to talk to you guys about. I came here to talk about my art... The Art of Ian D.Walker.

I have been drawing for a few days now, and sketching my arse off just about. I just went to Target today, and picked up a copy of the new Batman: Gotham Knight DVD. I know, I know... I am late. I'm sorry, bad me! But you know what, it has put a new spark of inspiration into this heart here. I am still doing work on my webcomic that I am working on, and also trying to figure out STILL how to get a computer so that I can get to work on these, and get my sketchbook together. I have come up with some great characters for the Jaxxa book that is going to add some depth to the book, and the inspiration from the Batman movie has got some ideas flowing in my head for other characters as well.

So while all of that is going on, I think soon, I am going to start doing some art for myself, and selling the original art on eBay, so that I can start earning some cash for it toward a new computer so that we can get this beast going full steam ahead. So all of you that visit my Deviant site, to those that come and see my blog, I hope that you will all be able to help me out and support me. This road is gonna be awesome and bumpy. So far, the road is simply curvy.

Be back later...

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