Monday, December 29, 2008

A Few Steps Back...

So... I went on this AMAZING website today called and spent some time there, putting up a few of my art pieces that consisted of my new style here. Talk about getting humbled. Turns out that the amazing art that I thought I had been putting out over the past few months is really... at a beginner level. Yeah, imagine my surprise! The thing about it, is that all of the statements and opinions of everyone there were backed up by analogies, and situations that described me to a tee! I am 27 years old, and have drawn since the age of 5. Over these past 10 years, I have been drawing off and on, and I have felt that over these past two years, my art has improved dramatically! But boy was I wrong. I was told from most of the artists there that my work was very "beginner level". They talked about values, and other things that quite frankly, I had never heard of. I basically taught myself to draw over the years. Took a few art classes in school, and read a lot of books, and tutorials from other artists, looked at TONS and TONS of comic books, and created this style that I now see is very rudimentary.

This site, and the amazing people on it literally made me step back and take a look at myself as an artist. I had realized that from a certain standpoint, I may be better than the average person, but in the realm of other artists, I have more than a lot to learn. I have never drawn from life for an extended amount of time; at least not enough to make it stick for me, and that is what I have decided to do. I am going to take a few steps back. Go back to the basics and start over again as if I am a brand new artist learning to draw for the first time. This is not to say that I am going to be stopping my art that I do now, like White Ninja Guy. That's not stopping. But as far as my other art things, I am going to be posting a lot less, and studying things in life a whole lot more. So beginning this year, you are going to be seeing a lot of changes, and some newer art. And I hope that it will be reflected in the newer art that I do.

I love this site, because it is a site that gives you legitimate critiquing of your skills as an artist. This is something that I have searched for over on Deviant Art, but have had no success in. was in reality a "kick in the face". It made me realize that I really wasn't as good as I thought I was, and that I really had some learning to do. I don't back down from a challenge, and thus have come to terms with my ability and have every intention in the world of changing it, and becoming the best artist that I can be. So here is to new beginnings... Literally.

Be back later...

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