Monday, December 26, 2011

The Seven Graphic Novel Indie Go-Go Campaign

Hey guys, I'm back to let you know what's going on right now! I have been working on my graphic novel The Seven for over a year now, and after getting started with the lineart, and reading the script more, I decided that I didn't like it, and that I wanted to start over in the story. This time around I brought on another writer to help work with my current writer on the story Ricky Burnett to get this thing going. I am going to revamp the story to be a more realistic and believable story.

The writer working on the story now is here on DA, and is also an aspiring digital colorist named Brandon Smith. He even has a page on DA. Check him out here ---->

Last night, I started a crowdfunding campaign over on Indie Go-Go to bring the first part of this graphic novel to life. CAINE is the first story in this book, and it will be made into a stand alone comic. This is being done for the purpose of promotion and to get the story into your hands to whet the appetite for the graphic novel. I plan on running a bigger campaign in the future on Kickstarter, but need help right now raising funds for a colorist to do the book for us. I have a goal of $2000 right now, and I really really need your help in two ways; either by spreading the word about my book, or by actually donating and helping us get this book rolling. There are rewards and perks for donating, and all that do will receive them. I thank you guys so much in advance, and please please please go spread the word and help in any way you can!

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