Monday, March 28, 2016

Motivational Monday Blog #2: I CANT DRAW!!!

The truth is... Yes you can.

Anyone can learn to do ANYTHING as long as they have the patience, and the mindset to do so. I wanted to do a post like this for my Motivational Monday blog post today because this is something that I hear far too often. And when I hear it, people generally say that they either can't draw at all because they don't have the skill, or if they are drawing already, they are comparing themselves to another established artist, or an artist they look up to.

The key to learning to draw, is to have a reason to do so. In a book that I am currently writing relating to this subject, I make the statement that 'drawing can be used for a variety of reasons'. Personally, I use art and drawing as sort of an escapism. When I was younger, that escapism also included playing video games, and reading tons of comic books. But as I have gotten older, video games left that equation, and comics and drawing have been more of that norm for me. Using art and drawing as a form of escape and an outlet to keep my sanity in this crazy life, it has been shown that during these times is when I create my best work.

If you have a reason to learn to do something, it is human nature for us to put our all into it and do the best that we can do. Remember, when learning to draw, start slow, start small, just crawl. DO NOT commit to trying to create some kind of masterpiece. If you do that, it's not going to work. Just find something you want to draw that is simple, and let it all go on the paper. Don't worry about perfection or anything like that. If it starts as an outlet of something, let it be that, and let your hand and paper interpret that for you.

If drawing becomes something more than just an outlet of some kind for you, then it is important that you take the time and patience to learn the basics and the fundamentals. That means learning the never ending basics of light and shadow, size of heads in a full body, the correct positioning of the features on the human face, learning how to draw the features of the face, and so forth and so on. Without those fundamentals, mastering and studying them the best you can, then you cannot progress. If you want to progress, then practice & patience is the key.

If you all have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below. Talk to you all tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday blog post!

Ian Walker

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