Friday, August 17, 2012

Finishing up commissions... Part 1

So I have been taking the time to finish up some long overdue commissions that I have been busy working on. After this, I will be doing some new sales to help me get my new place hopefully within the next 6 months. All will be custom artwork and really fun. Hopefully a sort of a one of a kind type piece/product.

So far though, I have 2 pieces left to go for one client. Two original character pieces of Star Wars characters for another, and two original pieces for another client. All together I need to finish a total of 6 more commission pieces. I undercharged a lot for these in the hopes to get a lot of business, but ended up using a lot of it for shipping. Took a HUGE loss on these. Gonna fix that next time I take commissions!

So here are the two pieces that I did today. 6 more to go!!!

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