Monday, August 13, 2012

After a funk, then... SHAZAM!!!

So I haven't drawn anything over the last couple of days except the commissions that I'm working on finishing and sending off. It's sad because I know that after those are done, I'm going to be starting another round of them to start on some stuff that I have been slacking on.

Anyway, after a long break for a bit and not drawing any big pieces, I finally came up with the idea to draw one of the most fun characters to draw in my opinion, and do a really epic looking Captain Marvel from DC Comics. I initially had the intention of doing a marker drawing, but as I went on, thought that this would look so much cooler if done in pencil, and then outlined in ink. So that is what you see below...

The piece was drawn on Canson comic book artboards and drawn strictly w/ pencil and ink, and a blender stub. I forget the technical name for those things... Anyway, what came out was awesome! I was amazed at how it turned out and was really happy with the results. Now of course I know that I still have some learning to do when it comes to pencil work, but being that I have done a ton of marker stuff, and went back to basics with this one, I'm glad that I did this. 

Now with the final question, how the heck do I seal the pencil so that it wont smear!? Any answers would rock. I'm going to be putting this piece up in my art gallery site for sale through PayPal so that a fan can buy it if they'd like. Anyway, that's it for me today. Thanks for reading!

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