Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Swaggernauts

This started out as an idea for a team name for some colleagues of mine at work. The team leader named us The Swaggernauts. I'm not one for the word swag, or any variation of it, but even I had to admit that this was a cool name. After trying to figure out what a Swaggernaut would look like, I then took my vision further and came up with what you will see below.

I have been studying movie posters for B-Movies, and came up with this idea. I think it came out really good. I am going to be taking this idea and running with it, and turn it into a daily comic strip really soon from Obsidian Studios soon. Thinking about something to do with life. We shall see when the time comes. In the meantime though, let me know what you guys think and enjoy!

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