Friday, July 27, 2012

New Sketchbook Plans!

Had an amazing meeting yesterday morning over in San Rafael w/ Jackie and Adrianne at GlobalPSD. These girls are top notch professional ladies, and I was impressed with how they handled everything from the meeting and call backs, to the rapport, the conversation, everything! They are really down the earth ladies, and I cannot WAIT to do work with them! I am putting together a sketchbook in time for APE Con in SF this year, and I need to get to crackin on that bad boy now.

I'm confident that these ladies will be able to help me out with whatever it is I need. Right now, I have no working title for the book, but I can tell you that it will be AH-MAZING!!! This is going to be high quality stuff, and I know that it will help me be able to stand out in a sea of really big fish as an artist. Over the last few days, I have been thinking seriously about my path as an artist, and really have been considering attempting to do this as a full time gig, and just follow my dreams. I have so many plans, and so many things to do; and unfortunately all of this costs money. I'm going to be using these sketchbooks as a double sword to not only cut my path into a new career, but to also get my studio moving forward with my projects that have been lingering on the back burner. 

Got a few projects I am in the middle of that will be webcomics coming really soon that I will be promoting at APE, as well as the sketchbook. I'm going to get a few prints ready too! Anyway, I really appreciate everyone that is still around and reading my blog about my journeys as an artist. Talk with you guys really soon!

Ian W.

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