Sunday, September 18, 2011

eBay Auctions ending in 14 hours!

Hey folks, these are the eBay auctions up right now, and I really would appreciate if you would be able to buy from me. This is my lively hood now, and is helping me to pay the bills. If you can buy, or know anyone that is looking to get some custom artwork done please bid! Each of the commission auctions have 2 slots available. The auctions end in 15 hours, and I can't afford having to keep putting them back up and paying the eBay fees, so your patronage is much appreciated. Thanks so much and happy bidding!

SuperGirl Rebooted Auction ------------------------

Wonder Woman 11 x 14 Full Color ----------------

9x12 Inked Commissions ----------------------------

9x12 Colored Commissions -------------------------

11x14 Colored Commissions -----------------------

11x14 Inked Commissions --------------------------

11x17 Inked Commissions --------------------------

11x17 Color Commissions ---------------------------

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