Saturday, September 3, 2011

Comics For the WIN!!!

This could mean a variety of things. Perhaps an introspective view on the current state of the comics industry today. Or about a childhood love of one of my favorite past times, which is reading comic books. But this isn't about that. At least not today it isn't. I am talking about a local comic book shop in my city of Santa Rosa. The shop has been open for a few months, and they are great! It is a clean, down to earth shop, and run by a great guy named Kris Bartolome.

I stopped into the store with my son, and spoke with him a bit, and being the comic lover he is, he seems to have created the store that most comic afficianados will be starting to call home really soon. He is a lover of the classics, supportive of the new stuff coming out, and in love with indy lines. In fact today in discussion, I talked to him about my comic book White Ninja Guy. Kris immediately loved the idea that a Sonoma County artist wanted to show him his book. And as I told him more about it, he went further, letting me know that he wanted to actually SELL my comics in his store! You have no idea how ecstatic I was with this. I came back later on in the night to bring over a few copies of my book, and 2010 convention sketchbook. I ended up talking with him more about my projects coming down the pike and then he asked the mother of all questions to an up and coming comic artist... "Would you like to do a signing at my store when White Ninja Guy #1 is released?"

I kept my composure... And calmly replied... "I'm down for sure man." The smile inside and out couldn't have been wider. All of what has happened has taught me a few things. One... it never hurts to ask. If you don't ask, then you will never know if someone will support you and your endeavors. And two... Never to give up and to keep going with what I am doing. Things are moving quite well, and I am even more excited about the movement! So I just wanted to take the time to tell Kris on this blog THANKS SO MUCH PIMPIN!!! Now, off to my bed!

Talk to you later,
Ian W.

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