Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Dame Commission

This kind of warmed my heart up a bit. I have a regular client who is a big fan of my artwork that buys my stuff over on eBay on a regular basis. When I asked him what he wanted for a commission, he said that he wanted a drawing of my original Obsidian Studios character The Black Dame in a swimsuit. Talk about something I want to draw, eh!?

The drawing was supposed to be originally done on 11 x 14 bristol, but because of his loyalty and being such a great client, I did 11 x 17, and did head to thigh. I'm gonna throw in some extra goodies for him too. Your a king of clients Daniel!

1 comment:

Daniel H said...

WOW absolutly incredible!!! Thanks for the great work. It is always great to get your art work. You do well you respond and dont make excuses about being late. A real positive..