Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm BACK!!! And better than ever!

Hey folks, I know it has been a minute since I have put up a new post. Now that I think about it, last year's WonderCon was the last time I put something up. That's a bit sad. But I have been working like a dog as a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo (hit me up artists if you want an account to separate your funds from bills, and art stuff so u can write it off!), and taking care of family and home.

But over these last few weeks I have been putting pen to pad again in full swing; and I feel like I come back with a new confidence everytime I take a break and then come back. These two pieces are some things I did when I came back. I was bitten by the UDON bug and came up with these.

Again, these are some of my best to date. These would be good to do at cons, don't you think!?

Speaking of Cons, I'm going through an interesting thought process for what I want to do for this years con season, and debating a few things. White Ninja Guy #1 is almost completed, and the Seven is almost ready to go to the drawing board for production. Also, another book I'm doing is a compilation of comic strips that I started doing last year called LIFE - The Ultimate Hater.

I'm thinking about skipping APE Con this year to fully concentrate on putting out these quality books so that when WonderCon hits next year, I will be able to bring out some quality work, and product that you guys will enjoy. Plus this will give me another couple of months to focus on this. On the other hand, I'm also thinking that I should finish White Ninja Guy #1 and debut it at APE Con just to help promote Obsidian Studios and myself to get the word out. Oh my god, what to do!!! I'm sure I will figure it out. Either way, no matter what I do, it will be great.

In the next few weeks, I'm going to be launching a whole new online campaign, in the hopes to draw more to my site and get potential fans ready for what's coming this year and next year. I'm really excited about it. In the mean time keep looking for more artwork and more musings. I plan on being really active for the next few months cause I'm not going anywhere!

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