Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WonderCon 2011... The Experience

Hands down, this WonderCon was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I came to the con with very low expectations being that I was an artist this year, and that since I would be at my table most of the time, and miss out on the opportunity to lick Morena Baccarin in the face and smell her hair, that I would be lucky if I got a few numbers and some cool art with less than mediocre sales.

Boy was I wrong!

Exhibit 1 - Cloak and Dagger

The con hadn't even gotten it's feet off the ground after it had been open for 15 minutes, when a very nice gentleman walks over and peruses my art portfolio. He goes back to this Cloak and Dagger more than 3 times, and when it was over he says "This is going home with me today... How much, $105?" (The extremely underpriced price of this item) Folks after 10 minutes of WonderCon beginning, I had over $100 in my pocket. 

This had taken things to another extreme for me. This had made up for all of the failed commission offers I had been putting up on DA for months, and all of the hard work I put into everything I had done. And I appreciated that fully.

I met martial arts greats Bob Wall and Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon. It was one of the nicest experiences to watch my father turn back into a 10 year old boy as he met his childhood heroes. By the way... Bob Wall LOVES ME!!!

My parents and my family are AMAZING! Even my kid did well, and he had an amazing time. I will post more of that later on, as well as some very important things that I learned during my time at my first WonderCon. Stay tuned folks! Talk to you later!

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Arion said...

Congratulations, sounds like a great experience indeed.

I'd love it if you could check out some of my drawings: www.artbyarion.blogspot.com