Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Countdown to Big WoW Con Blog Series - Part I

Convention Banner, Lines n' Dymes

So this blog over the next 18 days will be my chronicling of the days leading up to Big WowCon in San Jose CA, on May 18,19 2013. I'm going to be showing some drawings and some behind the scenes stuff regarding my preparation, and hopefully some of you will be able to use some of what is in this blog series to help you prepare for a convention that you have to go to this year. This will be my third convention that I will attend, and I am really excited. Big WoW is slated to be one of the newest and biggest cons in California, and I wanted to make sure I jump on this bandwagon because when it goes live, I want to be able to say I was there. Nothing wrong with that, right!?

So anyway, to start off this post, I have a pic of my convention banner that I got for myself. Can you believe that this banner was only $80!? It was a great buy for my first convention banner. I know that I may be changing it soon considering that I will be going into pinups and illustration in the next few months, but this is great. Finally makes me feel really official as an artist.

Another thing that i will be debuting at the Big WoW Con is my newest sketchbook Lines & Dymes - Volume 1, which is a collection of lineart sketches, greytone, and full color pictures, and pinups of various female character artwork that I did. I lay it all out in here. The good and the bad. There is no sparing anything in here. Anyone that purchases this will see the growth and hopefully appreciate what is contained in it. There will be a limited run of this sketchbook of only 50 copies! After these are gone, that is IT!!! I'm doing the brown cover so that I can do a head sketch of a female character on the cover of the book. These books are 28 pgs. and will be sold for $20 a pop! So be sure to stop on over and grab one!

So this week I'm going to make sure I get to Kinkos and get these covers printed up and then following the next day, maybe get the pages redone, and printed up as well. I'm thinking of doing a video blog but we shall see. Anyway guys, that's what I got so far. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Talk to you later!

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