Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's going on!???

So an update of what is going on is in order. So first the bad stuff. I had some news this past week that put a HUGE damper on my plans to attend WonderCon in the short 3 months that I need to get there. I have been literally saving pennies to get there because I have been using some of the money saved to get there, and now all I have is $200. This is not enough however to cover my costs for prints, and publications that I have coming out. This time, I don't want disappointment or another unforseen occurrence to stop me from accomplishing the thing I have wanted to do for the last 3 years. Though I had become extremely discouraged, I have decided to get up and do something about it. However, all my money is now going to something else, and there is no extra money for me to save even though I have a full time job. So I am going to ask for your help DA. I really want to get to WonderCon 2011 this year, and I need your help and support in doing so. 

I am going to take some $10 sketch commissions, black and white sketch drawing of fan art, or original characters. All of these will be $10 each. Add an additional $5 for simple color. I am not asking for a handout as I think this is tacky, but I want to work hard for this goal like I have for everything I have. So please please support me and help me get to WonderCon by buying a commission for me! Each commission is $10 and they will be a simple bust shot of whatever character you want; fanart or original characters. They will be drawn on 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper and sent in protected envelopes. If you want a character, please send me a note either here, or on my personal page with the character you want. Only request that it be no nudity! Thanks so much!


I ask any that anyone that sees this journal please spread the word and help me out even if you can't buy anything yourself. All the resources and referrals will be greatly appreciated. I'm going to be doing all I can to be sure that I get to WonderCon this year, and this is my first step. Thank you all so much! This list for commissions will be open until I close it! So everyone can get a chance! 

Now for the good stuff. I still am really grateful when people come around that are excited to see my material that I am slowly working on. I tell you a full time job sure makes your side projects come to a crawl. However, one of the weekends I had free was a great one when I went to a beer bar with some family, and I found that my wifes cousin was a HUGE fan and a collector of so many things. I talked to him at length and honestly at this point I was in a bit of a slump. So I had been talking to him, and when he asked me about when White Ninja Guy #1 was coming, his eyes lit up! He went on and on about how he was telling friends and other family and other collectors in his area. This lit the fire again in me to keep going and make some changes. So BIG UP TO MISTAH J!!!

So with that said, I have been sitting down for the last few days and trying to plot out a plan as to what to do. I am currently going to be continuing work on Obsidian Studios new project Seven, and I am doing a complete revamp of White Ninja Guy #1. This will be released in April of this year, and Seven will be released later on in the year. So keep up to date on this, and follow us. Help us get to WonderCon 2011. I want to do my best to make things happen in 2011! Thanks so much for reading folks!

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