Monday, April 11, 2016

Motivational Monday Blog #4: Expanding your horizons

So what exactly do I mean by this in relation to art? I mean, Ian, seriously bro, what does this have to do with me growing as an artist? Well let me tell you. It actually has a LOT to do with growing as an artist. This weeks blog is sort of a continuation of last weeks blog which I spoke about having the humility to be willing to learn and grow. Exploring your horizons has a direct correlation with a willingness to learn.

As an artist, I had thought that I would always just want to do cartoons, and comic book characters as my form of art. I never imagined that I would ever get into still life drawing, portraiture, even more, exploring new and different mediums of tools. Now being a beginner artist at the time, I made the mistake of wanting to learn for one reason. That was to make more money. WRONG! If you are expanding your art skill for money, you might as well go back to what you were doing before. Because again, it takes patience, and time. I was fortunate that I decided to keep going, because this work taught me something.

It taught me that I was able to create my own voice. My own style by learning and imitating the skills and techniques of different types of art that would in fact help me to to IMPROVE in my current passion of cartoons and comics! This is so important because some artists, not all think that delving into another form or type of art will handicap them, or make their abilities in another art form diminish. Which can be true if you don't keep practicing. It's like not riding a bike for years and then finally riding again; you have to get your bearings back. You may still remember, but you find yourself having to review again and remembering those basics.

The key to expanding your horizons, is to help you get better at your passion. Believe it or not, learning new art styles and techniques when applied to what you already know can open doors to ways of doing your art that you never knew were possible. Or if you are already attempting to try something, focusing on that aspect of that education will help make your attempt that much easier.

My personal goal is to become a versatile artist. I want to be able to create anything I want, whenever I want, and have a unique style and voice artistically because of it. I appreciate the things I have learned in my art education. And as you continue to learn and try new things as an artist, you will see that have a great impact on what and HOW you do your artwork as well.

So go out there, be humble, and learn something new and apply it to what you know. You will be amazed at the results!

Until next week,

- Ian W.

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