Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl... The Day After.

So I'm gonna start off by saying first that I am NOT a Niners fan. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. And with SuperBowl being a disappointment yesterday, I know that my life is in danger, and I must tread lightly at work today. I'm gonna man up though and face the fire and take it for the next 24 hours though. I'm surrounded by Niner fans at work, and I deal with customers who are also die hard fans. So I think it's gonna be a bit rough. We shall see. My real question though, is how many were on the bandwagon? I have always loved it when there are folks who rep one team, but when someone else is winning, they switch wagons and suddenly are die hard fans. But when they leave, they are nowhere to be found.

Though I know at work, there are folks that are die hard fans. No fakers there. It's going to be interesting to see how things will turn out regarding the fan base of the 49ers over the next year or so. I am curious to see how the bandwagon looks over time too. I'm thinking it will look like what is pictured below... Haha! Too soon?

Anyway, as you can tell this is not another commentary blog about the game and all of that. That stuff is all over the interwebs already and you are NOT gonna get another one of those here. Instead, just let me know what you are thinking right now if your heart moves you. Vent, take out frustration, whatever, u can do it here. I would love to hear your thought about last night, the halftime show, commercials, whatever! Love to know what you guys think! Talk to you later!

Ian Walker

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