Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New You Tube journal!

In this vlog or video journal, I kept it really simple. I wanted to show off some of my drawings that I have been doing. Some folks thought that I was no longer drawing and just doing editing stuff with my comics. I had to put those rumors to rest. But this video also talks about some new stuff that is going on within Obsidian Studios. Please take the time to share the video, leave comments, and most importantly, subscribe to my You Tube channel! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wonder Woman Pinup

Hey folks, what's goin on? I decided to do something different with my day off today to get myself focused. I have a task of getting pics done to put up on eBay this week. I put on my Obsidian Studios t-shirt and jeans, and started to get to work. I was really focused, and I busted out with some nice artwork. One of those is this Wonder Woman right here.

The first here is the lineart of the drawing. Wonder Woman is always so fun to draw. Below is the final colored version using Prismacolors, Copics and a Sharpie poster paint pen to do the stars and hair. It was really fulfilling, and afterward I thought it looked pretty good.

I'm going to be putting this up on eBay in the next few days, so be on the lookout for the video to follow soon!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dick Tracy

This is the latest Dick Tracy piece that I just finished up tonight. I always have tons of fun when drawing Dick Tracy. I wonder what it would be like to do a comic of this guy? Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it. I put it up on my fineart portfolio site called I did it with Copics, and Prismacolor markers and inks. It measures 11 x 17 and done on Canson Comic Art Board. It's up for sale on the site now for $150! So email me if you can't remember the site so that you can purchase it! In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sexy Rogue (requested by the wife!)

My wife had been asking me to draw Rogue for a while. I gotta be honest, I had been ignoring it because I didn't want to draw another static pose. She finally asked me again, and described the request, and this is what came of it. Yes... my mouth dropped open. I showed it to her and she loved it. She said..."That's gonna sell for a lot on eBay!" We shall see. If I don't get bids, or offers on it, it will be thrown up next week on eBay! E-mail me if you are interested with your offers.

In the meantime, ENJOY!!!